Why Bantex is the leader in tailor-made branded stationery.

When your brand image is at stake, make no compromises. For decades, Bantex stationery has been South Africa’s manufacturing benchmark. Now you can create your own range of branded stationery using the Bantex hallmark of quality.

From sales and educational tools to training, inductions and sponsored events, Bantex has a vast range of document presenters, files, desktop stationery and accessories. Put your corporate identity front of mind with clients, staff, the media, students and guests. And keep it that way, because Bantex stationery is made to last. Just like your brand.

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Corporate Sales & Promotional Image

Every time you communicate with your market, there is a competitor doing just the same. You need to be smarter and stand out. You need to make the better impression.

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Education & Libraries

Course curricula are more likely to be digested and easily recalled when they are superbly organized and presented. Here you can judge every file and document cover by renowned Bantex quality.

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Training is just the beginning. Leaving your trainees with comprehensive references and resources ensures the investment will see return. The appropriate image will have everyone sit up and pay attention.

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Presenting your corporate message at special gala events requires an appropriate image. Bantex tailor-made solutions are perfect for conferences, leadership and business seminars, roadshows and product launches.

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Media & PR

Confidence in communication and message delivery is everything. Bantex quality ensures that your custom branded stationery plays the part.