Become a Bantex Trader:

The Bantex distribution policy is outlined by minimum order quantities and where smaller markets require a more niche’ service, full line wholesalers’ service smaller stationery sectors.

Contact the Bantex offices in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town or Namibia to become a Bantex Trade partner.

With an extensive marketing programme, the Bantex Trade team supplies an end to end marketing and promotional programme whereby stationers and retail outlets benefit from ongoing Bantex brand awareness and marketing assets.

80% of Bantex stationery products are manufactured on site at the Johannesburg operative. Bantex South Africa, with ongoing market research, consistently enhances the product collection to meet the changing demands within the stationery markets.

To become a Bantex Trader, contact;
Bantex Johannesburg
+27 (11) 473 9800

Bantex Durban:
+27 (31) 569 1080/1/2

Bantex Cape Town:
+27 (21) 592 1173

Bantex Namibia:
+ (61) 26 1060

Bantex Export:
+27 (11) 473 9860