Founded in 1961, Bantex A/S Denmark is a subsidiary of Hamelin, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of stationery products, known for innovative, top quality stationery. Products are produced with advanced manufacturing technologies and market expertise, which are distributed worldwide.

The Bantex South African brand is a market-driven stationery manufacturing and distribution company that delivers an extensive range of Bantex office, educational and home stationery supplies in South Africa and Africa, plus customised branded products.

The Bantex SA export division is based in Johannesburg, distributes the range of Bantex products to Sub Saharan Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and elsewhere.

With warehouses throughout the country, the Bantex South Africa portfolio is supported by a network of full-line wholesalers, commercial stationers and resellers committed to offering top quality, affordable stationery solutions.

The Bantex brand, synonymous with premium quality stationery products and with careful attention to product detail and customer relations, has made Bantex South Africa one of the foremost players in it’s industry.

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